Welding Process of Industry Robot


With the development of electronic technology, computer technology, numerical control and robot technology, automatic arc welding machines.

Human workstations have been used in production since the 1960s, and their technology has become increasingly mature. It has the following advantages: ⑴Stabilize and improve welding quality; ⑵Improve labor productivity; ⑶Improve the labor intensity of workers, and robots can work in harmful environments; ⑷ Reduce the requirements for workers’ operation skills; (5) shorten the preparation period for product modification (only need to modify the software and necessary fixtures), and reduce the corresponding equipment investment. Therefore, it has been widely used in various industries. The system generally adopts MIG welding (MIG, MAG, CO2 welding) or non-MIG welding (TIG, plasma arc welding). Equipment generally includes: welding power supply, welding torch and wire feeding mechanism, welding robot system and corresponding welding software and other auxiliary equipment.

Automation 47 has designed and manufactured a variety of automatic robot welding workstations, which have brought good benefits to the enterprise and accumulated rich experience in the field of automatic robot welding workstations.


Technical indicators

Workpiece size: It can be designed according to the user’s workpiece size.

Workpiece weight: can be designed according to user requirements.

Welding speed: generally 5-50mm/s, selected according to the size of the weld.

Robot repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm

Repeat positioning accuracy of moving mechanism: ±0.1mm

Repeat positioning accuracy of positioner: ±0.1mm

Robot stud welding: equipment generally includes welding power supply, automatic nail removal machine, automatic welding torch, robot system, corresponding welding software and other auxiliary equipment.

Welding efficiency: 5-8 pieces/minute

Screw specification: diameter 2-8mm

Length: 10-40mm

Robot repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm

Application field

Automatic robot welding workstations can be widely used in various industries such as railways, aerospace, medicine, metallurgy, automobiles, electrical appliances.

User benefit analysis

With my country’s accession to the WTO, my country’s economic development is in line with the world, the boundaries between domestic competition and international competition will become more and more blurred, and it is imminent to transform the past production methods and management models. The same is true in the field of welding. It is a general trend to use automated welding to improve productivity and product quality. This is true for large enterprises, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The use of robots for welding operations can greatly improve production efficiency and economic efficiency; on the other hand, the displacement speed of robots is fast, up to 3m/s, or even faster. Therefore, generally speaking, the efficiency of robot welding can be increased by 2 to 4 times compared with manual welding, and the welding quality is excellent and stable.


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