Part Number/Part#: SGMRV-13ANA-YR11

R/M: 1500 Min

Current: 14 A

Voltage: 200 V

O/N Code: R14292000

S/N Code: B012ZF346210016

SGMRV-13ANA-YR11 AC Servo Motor is a high-performance motor designed for use in industrial automation and

robotics applications. It is compact, lightweight motor with high torque, high accuracy, quick response times.

The motor has 1.3 kW maximum rated power, 3000 rpm maximum rated speed, 4.12 Nm rated torque. It features low

inertia rotor design, ideal for high-speed applications, requiring for acceleration and deceleration.

reliability in harsh industrial environments.

SGMRV-13ANA-YR11 also features a built-in brake, which allows for quick stopping and holding of the motor shaft.

The motor is compatible with a range of Yaskawa servo drives, including the Sigma-5, Sigma-7, and MP3300iec series.

It used in applications, including machine tools, packaging machinery, semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Yaskawa SGMRV-13ANA-YR11 AC Servo Motor Video

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