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Manufacturer: Yaskawa

Part Number/Part#: SGM7J-04AFC6S

Product Type: Sigma-7 Rotary Servo Motors

50W – 1.5kW, Medium Inertia

Series/model name: Σ-7(SGM7J)

Capacity: 04 – 400W

Power specification: A – AC200V

Serial encoder: F – 24bit incremental

Design revision order: A – Standard

Shaft end specification: 6 – Straight , with key and tap

Option: S – With oil seal

Shipping Weight: 3 Kg


SGM7J-04AFC6S is a model of Yaskawa Sigma-7 rotary servo motors. This motor provides high performance and precision for various industrial

applications, including robotics, packaging, machine tools.

Some key features of SGM7J-04AFC6S motor include:

High Torque: This motor is capable of producing high torque, to handle heavy loads and perform precision tasks.

Fast Response Time: SGM7J-04AFC6S motor has a fast response time, allowing it to quickly and accurately respond to changes in the system.

High Accuracy: This motor provides high accuracy and repeatability, suitable for applications that require precise

positioning and motion control.

Compact Size: SGM7J-04AFC6S motor is designed to be compact, making it easy to integrate into various machines and


Flexible Design: This motor features a flexible design, customized to meet specific application requirements.

SGM7J-04AFC6S Yaskawa Sigma-7 Rotary Servo Motors Video

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