Material Ductile Iron Working Press PN10, PN16 Size DN50-DN300 Orgin Tongling, China Application Temperature 0℃~+80℃ Color Blue,Red Type Brass Nut Type Gate Valve Power Handwheel High Light Resilient 40mm gate valve, Ductile iron 40mm gate valve,  40mm jual gate valve   Profile The BS5163 Non-rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve with Brass Nut Type is […]

Socket End Resilient Seated Gate Valve DIN3202 for PVC Pipe PN10/16 Socket end Ductile Iron DN50-80.   Features Incorporates a full bore design for optimal flow. Features self-cleaning properties and minimal pressure loss. Utilizes a rolled stem to ensure smooth thread edges and dual threading. Requires minimal operating torque. Displays clear and legible body marking, […]

Power: Handwheel Or Cap Or Gearbox Material: Ductile Iron Working Press: PN10/PN16 Port Size: DN50-DN800 Epoxy Resin Thickness: ≥250μm Applicable Temperature: 0℃~+80℃ Color: Blue/Red Connection: Flange End High Light: DN800 resilient seated valves, Disk F5 resilient seated valves,  DN800 f5 gate valve   Features · Incorporating a full bore design. · Seamless integration of copper […]

Usage: GL83H-16 extensively used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, steam, metallurgy, heating, fire protection, water supply, and drainage. It serves as a filter in pipeline systems to remove impurities. GL83H- 16 equipped with different filter screens (20 mesh to 80 mesh) according to users’ requirements for the filtration media.   Features: The grooved filter […]

Application: Rubber Flap Check Valve is primarily suitable for horizontal installations in water supply and drainage systems. H84X-16 installed at the water pump’s outlet to prevent backflow and water hammer damage to the pump. It can also be installed on bypass pipes for inlet and outlet of reservoirs to prevent reverse flow of pool water […]

HC41X-10/16/25Q installed on the outlet pipeline of water pumps. It prevents damage caused by high- pressure water flow impacting the pump in the event of pump shutdown. Its features are as follows: Smooth Liquid Flow: The valve allows smooth liquid passage with minimal local head loss. Guided Closure: Equipped with a guiding mechanism, the valve […]

HC44X-10/16/25Q utilizes a fully lined NBR and a valve body inclined metal combination sealing. The valve disc has a short closing stroke and excellent sealing performance. It reduces water hammer impact pressure.   Main Parameters  Model  Nominal Pressure(mpa) Shell  Test Pressure(mpa) Sealing Test Pressure(mpa) Working Temperature(°C) Applicable Media HC44X-10 1.0 1.5 1.1 ≤80 Water and […]

XD371X-10/16 Main Parts Part Name Material Valve body Ductile iron Disc Ductile iron Valve stem Stainless steel,carbon steel Sealing ring Rubber   XD371X-10/16 Specification Model Nominal Pressure(mpa) Test Pressure(mpa) Proper Temperature Applicable Medium Strength(water) Sealed(water) XD371X-10 1 1.5 1.1 -10-80°C Water,oil,gas,non- corrosive media XD371X-16 1.6 2.4 1.76   XD371X overall dimensions Model Nominal diameter(mm) Size(mm) […]

Characteristics The groove-type (clamped) connected valve is new connection valves designed and manufactured based on similar advanced products from USA and Germany. It features rapid, simple, secure, reliable installation, without being limited by installation sites. It convenient for maintenance of pipelines and valves. It provides isolation, soundproofing, accommodating certain angles to overcome deviations in pipeline […]

Usage: Z81X-10/16/25Q for cutting off, connecting, and regulating the medium in the pipeline. It has excellent fluid control characteristics and sealing performance when closed. It is widely used in pipelines handling corrosive media, such as metallurgy, power, petroleum, chemical, air, gas, flammable gases, and water supply and drainage.   Characteristics: A. The valve plate is […]