Recently, the “2022 List of Famous and High-tech Products in Guangdong Province” was announced. INVT’s “New Induction Motor Frequency Control System (GD200A Series Inverter)”, “HT33 Series UPS Power Supply”, “XG Series Three-phase Grid-connected Inverter” 4 products, including “Tengzhi iTalent Series large-scale integrated data center”, were successfully selected after going through procedures such as company declaration, […]

On September 2, the 2022 product cloud conference of Shifeng Technology was successfully held, and the general computational fluid dynamics software TF-QFLUX, the general structural finite element analysis software TF-Struct, the smooth particle method simulation software TF-Particle, and the wind resource simulation software were officially released. Cloud platform TF-SimFARM, simulation data management system TF-Pandroid five […]

SmartVision (Shanghai) electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: SmartVision, stock code: 688213), officially launched three full-performance upgraded Pro series image sensors (hereinafter referred to as “P series”) products SC2336P for security applications , SC3336P and SC4336P. As a new product of SmartVision’s full-performance upgrade series, the P series products cover video solutions from 2MP to […]

Recently, the State Drug Administration approved the registration of the innovative product “Coronary Blood Flow Reserve Calculation Software” produced by Beijing Kunlun Medical Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. This is the first three types of documents named after “deep learning”. The product is based on coronary CT angiography, and consists of an installation CD and a […]

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Industrial internet Security” (hereinafter referred to as “Security Guiding Opinions”), which has aroused great concern and heated discussions among industry professionals. First of all, the ten departments jointly issued a heavyweight document, which reflects the country’s high degree of emphasis […]

Since the topic of intelligent manufacturing was put forward, it has gone through multiple stages such as technological innovation and integration, Industrial restructuring and layout, and enterprise transformation and promotion. We all know that for intelligent manufacturing, traditional manufacturing technology and intelligent technology are organically combined. Current intelligent manufacturing enterprises often lack independent innovation capabilities. […]

With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, under the tide of “robot substitution”, China has been sitting on the throne of the world’s largest consumer of Robots for two consecutive years. According to data released by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), China’s robot sales in 2017 were 138,000 units, an increase of […]

On September 7th, Thailand HVAC Exhibition (BANGKOK RHVAC) was grandly held in Bangkok. Midea Industrial Technology’s GMCC Meizhi and Welling Welling appeared in this exhibition with high-efficiency, energy-saving, green and low-carbon compressors and motors. Southeast Asian users bring products and technical solutions covering domestic, commercial, refrigeration, heat pump heating and other application scenarios. GMCC Meizhi […]

This paper mainly presents the statistics of Industrial Robots, service robots and collaborative robots (cobots) provided by the International Federation of Robotics. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) today released its annual World Robot Report, which shows that in 2018 global robot sales were $16.5 billion. Global shipments in 2018 were 422,000 units, up 6 […]

China Net Finance July 19 (Reporter Zhang Jiexin) With therobotIncreasingly prominent in the workforce, many industries will be affected byautomationthreat. According to the British Daily Mail, McKinsey recently released a survey report, the report pointed out that the surveyed food service and manufacturing jobs will bear the brunt of the impact of automation. The results […]