This year’s sales exceeded 10,000 units, what is the confidence of Luoshi robot?

At the end of last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “14th Five-Year Plan”robotIndustrial Development Plan”, which pointed out that by 2025, China will become the source of global robot technology innovation, high-end manufacturing cluster and a new highland for integrated applications.

The reason why we have the confidence to set such a goal is that my country’s Robot Industry has flourished in recent years, and many excellent domestic robot companies are struggling to move forward. Data shows that in 2021, my country’sIndustrial RobotThe localization rate is about 34%, a year-on-year increase of 5.1 percentage points.

Among the many outstanding domestic robot companies, Luoshi Robot is also one of the outstanding ones. Founded in 2015, it is committed to a new generation of flexible Robots.collaborative robotR&D and innovation of industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing technology, products have been used in auto parts, 3C electronics, precision machining,medicaland other industries are widely used.

Only seven years after its establishment, Luoshi Robot has grown into a leader in domestic robots. In 2021, its shipments will nearly triple year-on-year. This year, Luoshi Robot said that its annual sales will exceed 10,000 units.

In the first half of 2021, Luoshi Robot announced the completion of 200 million yuan C+ round of financing, which means that its C round financing amount exceeded 300 million yuan; in February this year, Luoshi Robot announced that it had completed a 400 million investment led by New Hope Group. Meta-strategic financing shows that the capital market values ​​and recognizes Luoshi Robot.

Create reliable products with innovative technology

Since its establishment, Luoshi Robot has insisted on the development of excellent technology and solid products. According to Yang Xing’an, general manager of Luoshi Shenzhen Branch, Luoshi currently has R&D centers in Beijing, Tokyo, Wuhan and Shandong. , R&D personnel account for more than 40%, of which more than 80% are master’s degree or above, most of them are from well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beihang University, Zhejiang University, Huake University, etc. This proportion is relatively rare among many robot companies.

It is understood that Luoshi Robot initially entered the robot industry with a high-performance control system independently developed by itself. In the view of Luoshi Robot, the underlying control technology is the key to creating high-quality robot products.

Control software plays a decisive role in key indicators such as the working ability, operation accuracy, and stability of the robot, but in fact, control software can be said to have always been a relatively weak aspect of my country’s robot industry. Domestic manufacturers can buy products similar to imported brands. Parts and accessories, but the control software has been strictly guarded, and the lack of reference has led to the slow progress of robot control software in my country.

Luo Shi Yang Xing’an said that the key factor in realizing the replacement of robots in China lies in the control system, and the hardware must be defined by software. Like PCs, industrial robots are a typical combination of software and hardware, and mechatronics products. The hardware determines the performance boundary, and the control system plays the role of the hardware. Performance and define product behavior, the control system is the main factor in determining the performance and functionality of the robot. The winners of the robot market in a few years will be those companies that have control system software that masters core algorithms and perfect functions, as well as excellent product design capabilities.

Starting with control software, in the past seven years, Luoshi Robot has been continuously developing and innovating in technology, and has achieved breakthroughs in underlying technologies such as algorithms and flexible force control, to robot control systems, and then to highly integrated modular joints and other core components. R&D and technological progress have allowed Luoshi to fully guarantee the excellent quality of robot products on the basis of the escort of the underlying core technology.

Just a few days ago, Luoshi Robot announced that it has obtained the MTBF certification issued by the China Software Evaluation Center, becoming the first manufacturer in the industry to pass the rigorous testing and certification of national standards, which means that Luoshi Robot is in terms of product reliability. It has been recognized by the national authority.

For enterprises, reliable products are the most important, which means lower downtime and maintenance losses, better economic efficiency, and stronger enterprise competitiveness. Therefore, sometimes, enterprises would rather endure the higher cost of imported brands. The high price and longer delivery period do not consider domestic robots, which means that the reliability of domestic robots is not as good as that of foreign brands, but now Luoshi Robot has proved that domestic robots are not inferior to foreign brands. The product has established a reliable model in the industry, and promoted the high-quality development of the robot industry to go further.

According to public information, Luoshi Robot has obtained EU CE certification, Siemens PI certification, IP67 protection level certification, ISO quality management system certification, and China robot CR certification. The products have been exported to Europe, America, East Asia, Southeast Asia. , Russia and other countries and regions.

Industrial + collaborative robot dual product line running side by side

As an enterprise centered on innovative technology, Luoshi Robot has two product lines, the XB series of industrial robots and the xMate series of collaborative robots. Among them, the industrial robot XB series has realized a full product matrix with a load of 4-25kg. It is equipped with a control system developed by Luoshi, which has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and high stability.

The collaborative robot xMate series is divided into two categories: ER and CR, with loads ranging from 3kg, 7kg, 12kg, and 18kg. It adopts direct force control technology and has built-in high-precision torque in each joint.sensorhas an all-round improvement in safety, ease of use, and convenient deployment. As a representative of a new generation of flexible collaborative robots, it is very suitable for scenarios that require high sensitivity and high-precision coordination. It is a strategic platform for Luoshi robots. type product.

In May of this year, in response to the needs of industrial intelligence and flexible manufacturing, Luoshi Robot launched a new generation of flexible collaborative robots xMate CR series. They are 850mm, 950mm and 1300mm respectively.

The new xMate CR series has been significantly improved in all aspects, not only in terms of flexibility, safety, ease of use, flexibility and other collaborative features, but also with excellent industrial-grade accuracy, speed and protection level, widely applicable to Different industrial collaboration subdivisions with strict requirements on takt time and accuracy can realize flexible assembly, screw locking, loading and unloading, packaging, testing, welding, composite robots and other applications.

It is worth mentioning that the xMate CR series is equipped with a new generation of control system xCore developed by Luoshi, which uses the advanced motion control technology (Optimotion & TrueMotion) in the field of industrial robots, which makes the performance unparalleled, and the repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.02mm. , the trajectory accuracy is 1mm, and the trajectory speed is 20% higher than that of collaborative products at the same level, and this control system can also be mounted on traditional industrial robot products.

Luoshi Robot said that the current consumer demand for personalized and customized products is increasing, so the flexible production and manufacturing mode of small batches and multiple varieties has gradually become the norm. In this case, flexible collaborative robots will undoubtedly open up flexible intelligent manufacturing. The optimal solution, the xMate CR series was born for this purpose, breaking the current bottleneck of flexible manufacturing automation with a strong performance level, and re-empowering enterprises to upgrade their manufacturing.

Expand the boundaries of traditional applications

automated industryAt this stage of development, robots have been able to liberate humans from more and more boring, repetitive or dangerous manufacturing scenarios. Luoshi robots are actively exploring new technologies while continuously cultivating mature scenarios such as auto parts and 3C. Application scenarios, and fruitful.

In the field of auto parts, Luoshi robots can be used in engine and piston deburring, gearbox precision device assembly, door handle plastic parts grinding, machine tool loading and unloading, car lock gluing, screw tightening, vehicle body appearance inspection and other scenarios. Companies include Valeo, Schaeffler, Foton Cummins and other leading suppliers in the global auto parts industry.

In the field of 3C electronics, Luoshi robots have achieved a wide range of applications in different links such as loading and unloading, gluing, testing, grinding and assembly, including assembly and plug-in testing, mobile phone testing up and down with high-precision, high-speed performance, stable and reliable product quality materials, relay package gluing, main backplane grinding inspection, notebook packaging labeling, etc.

In some scenes that are difficult to achieve automation, Luoshi Robot has also achieved breakthroughs with solid technology, such as hardware knife scissors sharpening the edge, because the experience and technology of sharpening knives are more concentrated in the master’s mind, and due to Different brands and models of scissors have different specifications and need to be deeply adapted. Therefore,DigitizingIt is difficult to upgrade, but Luoshi has finally developed a standardized solution for automatic loading and unloading of water mills and cutting tools through its self-developed intelligent visual planning system and force control technology.

In this scenario, Luoshi reduces the skill requirements of operators through technology research and development, which not only helps tool companies to solve the problems of expensive and difficult recruitment, but more importantly, improves the yield and consistency of tool products, which is conducive to customer reductions. To increase efficiency, expand market share, and enhance competitiveness, it has now landed in leading tool companies such as Zhang Xiaoquan, Shibazi, and Meilong Meili.

There is also a sewing scene. There is a clothing fabric that is too soft or slippery, and it is difficult for the robot to grasp it flatly. When sewing fabrics of different sizes at the same time, it is difficult for the robot to determine the sewing trajectory. In addition, if the robot and the sewing machine do not cooperate closely, There will also be problems such as pulling fabrics, and it is difficult to achieve satisfactory automation. Luoshi Robot has also overcome these problems and developed suitable solutions. It has reached cooperation with more than a dozen leading apparel and home furnishing manufacturers.

In addition, Luoshi robots are also actively developing in more scenarios such as general industry, medical care, and commerce. As the transformation of the intelligent manufacturing industry continues to advance, I believe that there are still many scenarios waiting to be discovered, and the robot industry will also welcome Come to the leap-forward development window period.

plan for the futuresmart robotera

Yang Xing’an, general manager of Luoshi Shenzhen Branch, shared that the industry is facing the pressure of economic downturn, but this is also an opportunity. Compared with previous years, the market structure has undergone significant changes, and robots are the most advanced products. , it needs to adjust in real time to adapt to the different development paths of the market. If it can adapt to this structural adjustment, a large number of enterprises will be able to emerge.

In the face of future changes, Luoshi has already made a layout. At the end of April this year, Luoshi Robot announced that it will jointly build the first industrial-grade 5G intelligent robot joint laboratory in China with Zhongke Jingshang.

Based on the research of industrial-grade 5G chips, the two parties will make every effort to break through the core chips and key technical barriers in the field of robot control, develop and build intelligent robots based on industrial-grade 5G chips, build ultra-flexible intelligent manufacturing production lines, and jointly promote the development of China’s robot industry. Quality development injects surging power into China’s transformation and upgrading from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

Today, Luoshi has set up robot R&D centers in Beijing, Wuhan, Shandong, China, and Tokyo, Japan, building a globally competitive R&D layout. The capacity of over 50,000 robots. Through the establishment of a global R&D, operation, sales and service system covering more than 20 countries, in 2022, Luoshi is attacking the goal of annual sales exceeding 10,000 units.

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