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Part Number/Part#: 1SAP130300R0271

Product type: PM573-ETH Programmable Logic Controller AC500 CPU

Supply voltage: 24 V DC

Ambient Air Temperature: Operation -30…+70 °C, Storage -40…+85 °C

Memory Size: 512 Kb

Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.2cm x 6.75cm x 7.6cm

Weight: 0.15 Kg

Shipping Weight: 1 Kg

Product Net Depth / Length: 62 mm

Product Net Width: 67.5 mm

Product Net Height: 76 mm

eClass: 27-24-22-07

EPLAN Catalog Tree: Electrical engineering / PLC / General

ETIM 8: EC000236 – PLC CPU-module

UNSPSC: 32151705

1SAP130300R0271 PM573-ETH Programmable Logic Controller AC500 CPU.

AC500 modular PLC system for industrial automation applications.

PM573-ETH CPU module main components of AC500 system, responsible for controlling inputs and outputs of PLC.

PM573-ETH CPU module features Ethernet interface to communicate with other devices on network. It also

communication protocols,

including Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, compatible with industrial devices and systems.

PM573-ETH CPU module programmable using CoDeSys programming environment, popular and powerful

development tool for industrial automation applications.

It diagnostic and troubleshooting, including built-in web server and LEDs providing status information.

1SAP130300R0271 ABB PM573-ETH Video

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