Meet by the Jinji Lake | Inovance Technology will soon land at the China International Energy Storage Exhibition to explore the “zero carbon” way

From November 9th to November 11th, the 2nd China International Energy Storage Exhibition & 9th China International Optical Storage and Charger Conference (EESA 2022) will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center.

In this China International Energy Storage Exhibition, Inovance Technology will participate in the exhibition with the theme of “digital integration, storage and creation of the future”, and comprehensively Display Inovance Technology’s energy storage products and solutions, as well as digital energy management practices, to help “double carbon” To achieve the goal, actively explore the “zero carbon” future.

Meet by the Jinji Lake | Inovance Technology will soon land at the China International Energy Storage Exhibition to explore the “zero carbon” way

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  Energy Storage Solutions

Realize the whole process coverage of transmission and distribution

In recent years, as my country has actively promoted the clean and low-carbon transformation of energy and accelerated the construction of a new power system, it has become a consensus that the energy storage industry and energy storage technology are the core support for the development of new energy. The role is becoming more and more prominent. According to the application requirements of different scenarios, Inovance Technology’s energy storage solutions have covered the whole process of generation, transmission, distribution and electricity consumption.

✦The whole process presents energy storage solutions. From the power generation side and the power grid transmission side, Inovance Technology ensures new energy grid connection and power support through fast control products and coordinated control products; And the comprehensive energy management of the plant area to ensure the reliability and economy of the electricity side. Energy storage covers lithium battery energy storage, lithium titanate battery energy storage, flow battery energy storage, flywheel energy storage, gravitational potential energy feedback, electric ships and electric engineering vehicles and other solutions.

✦New co-controlled large-capacity energy storage system solution, Inovance Technology has launched a new co-controlled large-capacity energy storage system solution. Compared with general energy storage systems, the rapidity, consistency, stability (security), and scalability have been greatly improved, and the system response time, synchronization error, synchronization jitter, and multiple PCS of large-capacity energy storage systems have been solved. Multiple challenges in integration, power distribution adaptability, black start, and VSG performance.

All-round Display of energy storage products,

Insight into the future of energy storage equipment

✦The star energy storage products will be unveiled. Inovance will exhibit IES1000-C-07 series energy storage converters, Inovance fully liquid-cooled smart energy storage terminals All-liqcool, IES1000-M-04/100-SKWN series Energy storage converters and other products.

✦ Inovance Technology’s all-liquid-cooled smart energy storage terminal All-liqcool is newly launched. This product adopts the design concept of “ALL in one”, which integrates high-safety and long-life batteries, battery management system, high-efficiency liquid cooling and heat management system, Fire safety system, modular PCS integrated in a single standardized outdoor cabinet. It is suitable for multiple scenarios such as Taiwan area, charging pile expansion, Industrial energy storage, diesel engine replacement (ports, oil fields).

 Digitization + automation,

Building a new energy digital ecosystem

Under the “dual carbon” goal, accelerating the integration and innovation of digital technology and energy technology, and boosting the green and low-carbon development of the energy industry with digital transformation has become an important path for energy development. Based on years of accumulation in the fields of power electronics and industrial automation, Inovance Technology couples industrial automation with digital technology, empowers digital energy, and makes a contribution to inclusive energy, clean energy, and reliable energy.

✦Cloud, network, edge, and terminal integrated topology display, through digital and intelligent empowerment, enables factories and parks to achieve reliable, stable and economical energy consumption while realizing power visualization, predictability, and dispatch. Create greater value for industrial customers through the combination of cloud, network, edge and end products.

✦Interpretation of the digital energy management benchmark factory case, Inovance Technology Yueyang factory energy management and control system, realizes the centralized monitoring of Yueyang factory power transformation and distribution, wireless temperature measurement, environmental monitoring, photovoltaic, energy storage, charging piles, waste gas treatment and other equipment.

Announcement of the exhibition area

Inovance Technology’s overall energy structure and energy storage solution sharing

Chen Shi, Chief Engineer of Inovance Technology Energy R&D Department

Inovance Technology All-liqcool Smart Energy Storage Terminal All-liqcool

Li Xiaodong, General Manager of Inovance Technology & Energy SDT

100kW Energy Storage PCS Product Release

Jiang Guixu, Product Manager of Inovance Technology’s Energy Storage Product Line

Sharing of electrical solutions for swapping stations

Luo Kailiang, Chief Engineer of Auto Equipment Industry of Huichuan Technology

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By the Jinji Lake, storage creates the future

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