Estimated Lead Time: 5- 10 Working Days

Part Number/Part#: 3BSE069052R1

Product Net Depth / Length: 102 mm

Product Net Height: 119 mm

Product Net Width: 45 mm

Product Net Weight: 0.2 kg

Customs Tariff Number: 85389099

Product type: DI818 Digital Input

Number of input channels: 32

I/O voltage, DC: 24 V

I/O current, DC: 4.5 mA

Isolated in two groups of 16 channels.

Use module termination Unit TU818, TU819, TU830.

DI818 input module in process control systems. It monitors status of digital signals, like on/off or open/closed, and

report that information to a control system.

DI818 has 8 channels. Each individually configured for either voltage or current input. It also features high noise

immunity, ensuring reliable operation even in noisy industrial environments.

Some key features of DI818:

8 channels for monitoring digital signals.

Configurable for voltage or current input.

High noise immunity for reliable operation.

LED indicators for each channel to indicate status.

Hot-swappable design for easy replacement without system shutdown.

DI818 used in industrial applications, including power plants, oil gas refineries, manufacturing facilities. It rugged and

reliable. Critical digital signals accurately monitored and reported to control system.

3BSE069052R1 ABB DI818 Digital Input Video

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