Weight: 9 kg

Width: 355.6 cm

Height: 355.6 cm

Depth: 355.6 cm

Condition: Used

Part Number/Part#: JZRCR-NTU02D-3

JZRCR-NTU02D-3 power supply is a model of power supply unit designed and manufactured by Yaskawa Electric

Corporation. This power supply unit used with industrial robots and motion control systems.

JZRCR-NTU02D-3 power supply provides a DC voltage output to power motors and control systems of robot or

motion control system. It has 200VDC rated output voltage and 3A rated output current.

This power supply unit features a compact and lightweight design, easy to integrate into robotic and motion control

systems. It also has a built-in fan for cooling, to ensure reliable operation even in demanding industrial environments.

JZRCR-NTU02D-3 power supply unit is designed for use with Yaskawa‘s line of industrial robots, including the

MOTOMAN series. It used with other motion control systems, requiring a 200VDC power supply with 3A rated output


Yaskawa JZRCR-NTU02D-3 Power Supply Video

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