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Part Number/Part#: 3BSE008510R1

Product type: DO810 Digital Output

I/O Voltage, DC: 24 V d.c.

Number of Output Channels: 16

I/O Current, DC: 500 mA

Customs Tariff Number: 85389099

Product Net Depth / Length: 102 mm

Product Net Height: 119 mm

Product Net Width: 45 mm

Product Net Weight: 0.2 kg

Shipping Weight: 2.5 Kg

DO810 Digital Output used with Advant Controller 400 series of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). It provides 8

digital output channels, each configured as either sinking or sourcing output. The module has 2A maximum switching

capacity per channel, with 4A maximum current for entire module.

DO810 module supports different output types, including pulse outputs, PWM outputs, frequency outputs. It also

supports different signal voltages, including 24VDC, 48VDC, 110/230VAC.

The module use in industrial applications, including process control, factory automation, machinery control. It operates

reliably in harsh environments, with temperature range of -40°C to +70°C and protection against vibration, shock,

electromagnetic interference.

3BSE008510R1 ABB DO810 Digital Output Video

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