Part Number/Part#


Made in


Net Weight

3.52 kg

Gross Weight

3.52 kg

Size (Width*Height)

352*137.2 mm




1 Piece

WEEE Category

Product Not in WEEE Scope


DSQC639 computer unit is a part of IRB6400R robotic system. It controls movement of robot to communicate with

other systems, part of robotic cell. DSQC639 is compact unit, mounted inside robot cabinet. It is connected to robot

controller and other devices through a series of cables.

DSQC639 computer unit has a model number of 3HAC041443-003. It is equipped with a Motorola 68340

microprocessor running at 25 MHz. It has 16 MB RAM and 4 MB flash memory. It uses VxWorks real-time operating

system. The unit also has several communication ports, including Ethernet, RS-232, CAN.

ABB DSQC639 Computer Unit 3HAC041443-003 Video

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