Part Number/Part#

3HNM 11649-1

Made in


Net Weight

0.7 kg

Gross Weight

0.7 kg


Components Spares


1 Piece

WEEE Category

Product Not in WEEE Scope


3HNM 11649-1 Purge Sensor is a component used in ABB robots to detect the presence of a gas purge during welding or

cutting operations. The purge sensor is designed to ensure that the welding or cutting area is free of oxygen, which can

lead to poor weld quality or even combustion.

The 3HNM 11649-1 Purge Sensor is typically installed near the welding or cutting torch and is connected to the robot

controller. It works by detecting the presence of the gas purge and sending a signal to the controller to initiate the

welding or cutting operation.

If the purge sensor detects that the gas purge is not present or is insufficient, it will trigger an alarm or stop the welding

or cutting operation to prevent damage to the workpiece or the robot.

ABB 3HNM 11649-1 Purge Sensor Video

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