Estimated Lead Time: 4 – 6 Weeks

Part Number/Part#: 3BSC610064R1

Product Type: SD831 Power Supply Device

Number of Outputs: 1

Output Voltage (Uout): 24V V

Output Current Maximum (Iout): 3A A

Mounting Type: DIN rail

Technical Information: Input a.c. 100-240 V or d.c. 110-300 V. Output d.c. 24 V 3A.

If redundant power application is required connect to SS8XX voting unit.

DIN rail mounted.

G2 compliant.

Product Net Depth / Length: 102 mm

Product Net Height: 124 mm

Product Net Width: 32 mm

Customs Tariff Number: 8504403000

Product Net Weight: 0.52 kg

Shipping Weight: 1.5 Kg

SD831 Power Supply Device provide reliable stable DC voltage to power automation systems and other devices in

industrial applications.

Some key features SD831 Power Supply Device:

Wide input voltage range: It accepts input voltages between 85 and 264 VAC, suitable for use in different countries and


High efficiency: It highly efficient, with efficiency rating up to 93%, to reduce energy consumption and minimize

operating costs.

Compact size: It compact design, to integrate into automation systems and other equipment.

Protection features: It includes protection features to operates safely and reliably. These features include short-circuit

protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection.

Easy installation: SD831 easy to install, with simple wiring system and mounting options.

3BSC610064R1 ABB SD831 Power Supply Device Video

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