China Unicom, Huawei and Qingdao University Affiliated Hospital complete the first 5G remote robotic surgery

On September 7, 2019, Professor Niu Haitao, Deputy Dean of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, led the team with the help of the latest domestic intelligent medical perception and interaction technology, as well as the two 5G networks jointly provided by China Unicom and Huawei. “The three-arm medical robot system was successfully connected with the laboratory of the People’s Hospital of Xixiu District, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, which is 3,000 kilometers away, and successfully completed the longest-distance minimally invasive surgery on remote laboratory animals in China. It is also the world’s first 5G-based minimally invasive surgery. Ultra-remote autonomous original research Robotic surgery in the network environment.

China Unicom, Huawei and Qingdao University Affiliated Hospital complete the first 5G remote robotic surgery
The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University completed the world’s first ultra-remote robotic surgery based on 5G network

Unlike the previous 5G telemedicine activities that were promoted in various places, most of the operators only realized the mode of remote surgical guidance. This operation relies on the two key characteristics of 5G ultra-large bandwidth and ultra-low latency. The remote doctor controls the robot to face soft tissue. The proximal robot accurately reproduces the surgical movements of the remote doctor in real time, accurately reaches the surgical site, and the remote precision surgery is successfully completed.

Taking into account the industry’s doubts about the safety and stability of remote surgery, during this surgery, the world’s first simulated intraoperative signal interruption and network attack emergencies were realized, which fully verified the security and reliability of the 5G network and provided the basis for subsequent telemedicine. The development of relevant industry standards in the field provides a reference case.

Since 2019, the interaction between 5G and the medical industry has been frequent, and the application cases of 5G in remote diagnosis, mobile ward rounds, and live broadcast of surgery have been displayed in many places across the country. The success of the ultra-remote surgery between Qingdao, Shandong and Anshun, Guizhou, which is 3,000 kilometers away, marks the further verification of the intelligent robotic remote surgery technology, which is of great reference significance for improving the quality of universal medical services and promoting the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. Important value in the field of “internet + Smart Healthcare”.

Since 5G, with the support of partners such as Huawei, China Unicom has actively promoted 5G to empower vertical industries. Taking Shandong and Guizhou as examples, Shandong Unicom and Guizhou Unicom have established 5G joint laboratories with key enterprises in key industries to create The 5G Industry Ecological Alliance will jointly promote 5G technology innovation and Industrial development, enabling the digital transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries including smart broadcasting, smart medical care, smart manufacturing, smart connected vehicles, smart grids, and drones.

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