Part Number/Part#


Made in


Net Weight

1.08 kg

Gross Weight

1.08 kg

Size (Width*Height)

26.5*26.5 mm


Parts Accessories Components


1 Piece

WEEE Category

Product Not in WEEE Scope


The cable is part of Robotics product line for use with ABB robots and robotic systems. The SxTPU3 cable is a high-flex

cable, meaning that it is specifically designed to withstand repeated bending and flexing without damage.

The cable is 10 meters long with part number of 3HAC031683-001. The part number is a unique identifier used to track

and manage their products.

The SxTPU3 cable is used to transmit power and data between different components of robotic system, including robot

controller, motor, other peripheral devices. It is high-quality materials to provide reliable performance in demanding

industrial environments.

ABB SxTPU3 Cable 10m 3HAC031683-001 Video

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