Part Number/Part#: HS1470241-A05 

Weight: 2.25kg

HS1470241-A05 is a robotic control cable designed for use with certain Yaskawa robotic systems. This cable is

specifically designed for use with Yaskawa Motoman NX100 controller and is used to connect the controller to the

robot’s manipulator.

Yaskawa HS1470241-A05 cable made from high-quality materials, providing reliable performance over an extended

period of use. It use in robotic applications, including:

High-quality shielding to prevent interference from external sources.

Durable construction to withstand harsh environments and frequent use.

Flexible design that allows it to bend and move with the robot’s manipulator.

Connector ends that are designed to fit securely and reliably into the controller and robot.

Yaskawa HS1470241-A05 Robotic Control Cable Video

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