Compared with a dog’s nose, a robot’s “sense” is more ferocious?

Now the growth prospects of artificial intelligence can be said to be very good. Every country is vigorously developing artificial intelligence. Now the artificial intelligence assistant on our mobile phone is the prototype of artificial intelligence, and it is one of the important carriers of artificial intelligence. , Robots are also constantly growing. Robots are common in various films. As the carrier of artificial intelligence, there are many things that machines can do in films. They can hear sounds and even have a “sense of smell”. Some people will ask, what is a robot? How to get “smell”?

With the development of computer technology, it is possible for humans to study complex information processing processes. An important form of the information processing process is the recognition of the environment and objects by the living body. Of particular importance for humans is the recognition of optical information (obtained by the visual organs) and acoustic information (obtained by the auditory organs), ie, the identification of people and the recognition of instructions.robotWithout human-like developed sensory organs, how do they identify and act on human commands? With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, various new identification technologies will gradually enter our lives in the future.

So far, the identification of robots by smell has only remained in the research project stage. The research involved is very complex. There are more than 300 different chemicals in the human body that produce odor, and our body odor can also vary with the food we eat and the environment. But perhaps researchers will be able to distinguish between the “primary body odor” that represents our identity and the “secondary body odor” caused by changes in our dietary environment, and the “tertiary body odor” caused by the use of soap and shower gel. The “primary body odor” here is related to the genetic properties of our body and represents our identity. Of course, dogs have been used to identify and track human scent trails for decades, and scientists believe that dogs do so by distinguishing between the main body odors of the human body.

We all know that the reason why humans can distinguish between fragrance and odor is mainly achieved by the mucous membrane inside the nose. There are about 5 million olfactory cells. It is because of the existence of cells that the human nose can distinguish breath. It can be said that every human organ is extremely precise, and it is extremely difficult to imitate.

The sense of smell of a dog’s nose is undoubtedly more sensitive than that of a human, so can a robot’s nose be more ferocious than a dog’s? First of all, my country has developed a kind of olfactory sensor machine, which is a gas analyzer, which can distinguish about 40 kinds of gases, including some gases that humans can’t get into. Carbon monoxide, which is harmless to the human body, can protect human safety very well in the future.

Not only that, the robot’s nose can also track the source of the breath like a dog’s nose, and it can even help find the location of the leak in the pipeline. The nose has a spell. Now the nose of this robot is widely used to detect various gases, which can be very useful to human beings. Even in the field of space, the application of electronic noses has been very many. Maybe in the future Robots can help humans cook, do you expect it?

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