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Part Number/Part#: 3BSE020520R1

Product type: CI810B AF100 Fieldbus Communication Interface

Weight: 0.5 Kg

Shipping weight: 1.5 Kg

Medium Description: CI810B AF100 Field Comm. Interface

Technical Information:

CI810B AF100 Fieldbus Communication Interface

2*AF100 Twisted Pair Modems.


1 pce Power Supply Connector 3BSC840098R1

1 pce TB807 Modulebus Terminator 3BSE008538R1

2 pcs Terminal Blocks 3BSC840098R1

The basic system software version 1.5 loaded.

AF100 Connector 3BSC840105R1

Exchange No. EXC3BSE020520R1

Customs Tariff Number: 85389091

Product Net Depth/Length: 87 mm

Product Net Height: 250 mm

Product Net Width: 158 mm

3BSE020520R1 CI810B communication interface module with AF100 fieldbus. It provides high-speed, reliable

communication link between PLC or DCS system and field devices connected AF100 fieldbus.

CI810B module installs in ABB control systems, including Advant Master and Symphony control systems. It supports

communication protocols, including Modbus RTU, HART, Foundation Fieldbus.

CI810B 2 independent communication channels. Each capable of supporting32 field devices. It built-in diagnostic tools,

including LED status indicator and built-in web server for remote monitoring and configuration.

3BSE020520R1 ABB CI810B AF100 Fieldbus Communication Interface Video

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