Weight: 11.25 kg

Width: 609.6 cm

Height: 508 cm

Depth: 609.6 cm

Part Number/Part#: SGDR-EA1400N

SGDR-EA1400N Servopack is a type of servo drive designed and manufactured by Yaskawa, a leading manufacturer of

motion control products.

SGDR-EA1400N is a high-performance digital servo drive that provides precise control over motor speed, position, and

torque. It work with servo motors, including AC, DC, linear motors. It operates in both velocity and torque control


SGDR-EA1400N Servopack features a compact design and is capable of delivering up to 1.4 kW of power. It has

advanced features, including auto-tuning and adaptive vibration suppression. It ensures accurate and stable

performance even in challenging operating environments.

Yaskawa SGDR-EA1400N servo drive used in industrial applications, like CNC machines, robotics, packaging

equipment. It is known for its reliability, precision, ease of use, a popular choice among engineers and automation


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