Part Number/Part#: SGMPH-04A1A-YR61

SGMPH-04A1A-YR61 is an AC servo motor designed for high-precision motion control applications. Some of its key

features include:

Weight: 2.25 kg

Width: 254 cm

Height: 254 cm

Depth: 254 cm

Condition: Used

Horsepower: 400W

Voltage: 200V

Amperage: 2.6 Amps

RPM: 3000 RPM

Stall Torque: 1.27Nm

Rated torque: 1.27 Nm

Maximum torque: 3.82 Nm

Shaft diameter: 14 mm

Encoder resolution: 20,000 pulses/revolution

Power supply voltage: 200V

This servo motor is equipped with a resolver feedback for precise positioning and speed control. It also has a compact

design and low inertia for improved responsiveness and accuracy.

SGMPH-04A1A-YR61 is commonly used in industrial automation applications such as robotics, packaging

machinery, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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