0.99 kg

Size (Length*Width*Height)

406.4*304.8*203.2 mm


Yaskawa Parts Components


1 Piece

WEEE Category

Product Not in WEEE Scope

Part Number/Part#: JANCD-YIF01-1E

JANCD-YIF01-1E Robot I/F Circuit Board Rev. B12 is an interface circuit board designed for use with certain models

of Yaskawa Electric robots.

This board serves as an interface between robot controller and various peripheral devices, such as sensors, grippers,

other types of automation equipment.

The “JANCD-YIF01-1E” designation refers to the specific model number of this circuit board, which is manufactured

by Yaskawa Electric. The “Rev.B12” designation indicates the revision level of the board, with each revision

incorporating changes and improvements to the board’s design and functionality.

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