Part Number/Part#: 3HNA011334-001

Made in China

Part Number: 3HNA011334-001

Net/Gross Weight: 0.7 kg

Size (Length*Width*Height): 260*370*75 mm

3HNA011334-001 SCB-01 (Safety Connection Board) is a safety board designed to be used with robots. It connects

safety devices to the robot system in safe state before and during operation.

The SCB-01 is a standalone safety board that is connected to the robot controller through an Ethernet cable. It is

designed to work with ABB‘s IRC5 robot controller and can be used with different types of safety devices such as light

curtains, emergency stop buttons, and safety mats.

The SCB-01 has 16 input channels and 8 output channels, and it can be expanded by adding additional safety boards. It

also has diagnostic display providing real-time information about status of safety devices.

The SCB-01 is an important component of a safe and reliable robot system. It helps to prevent accidents and ensures

that the robot system operates within the required safety standards.

ABB Robot 3HNA011334-001 SCB-01 Video

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