Huawei’s Ark compiler framework open source official website is online, opening the source of industry growth!

At the Huawei Developer Conference that just passed, Huawei gave the open source timetable for Hongmeng OS and Ark compiler, which really excited the developers. In less than a month, Huawei fulfilled its promise. On August 31, the official open source website of Huawei Ark Compiler was officially launched.

Ark open source, grow together

According to the published information, the open source of the Ark compiler is part of the source code of the compiler framework, including the compiler intermediate representation (IR) and language compilation implementation. At the same time, it is matched with other binary components of the compiler to realize the compilation of Java programs to aarch64 assembly instructions. process. Developers can compile and build a compiler toolchain based on open source code + binary, and try to compile Java programs. Community participants can learn the compiler intermediate expression (IR) and the basic mid-end compilation framework of the Ark compiler through the source code of the framework, familiarize themselves with the architecture of the Ark compiler, and participate in contributions such as the mid-end optimization of the compiler.

Huawei’s Ark compiler framework open source official website is online, opening the source of industry growth!

At present, the code of Ark Compiler is hosted on Huawei Cloud, and it will be hosted according to the model of the affiliated organization after it moves towards open governance in the future. Developers can participate in community contributions through the code hosting platform, including document contributions and code contributions, and can also feedback related issues and needs on this platform.

Huawei’s Ark compiler framework open source official website is online, opening the source of industry growth!

The overall framework of the Ark compiler

Technology knows no boundaries, and Huawei is becoming a leader in the field of open source

The author believes that in the open source world, participation is an important step, where ideas are constantly activated and sublimated, and developers are here to share technological progress. And Huawei has gradually become a leader in open source from an important player in the open source community.

Huawei has always embraced open source and actively contributed to mainstream foundations and open source communities. Currently, it has more than ten director seats in open source communities with significant international influence, and more than 200 TSC, PTL, and Core Committer seats. The influence continues to increase. As a platinum member of the Linux Foundation, Huawei has contributed a total of 6,800+ patches to the Linux kernel, ranking higher than international vendors such as Google and IBM in the 5.1 Release version, and is the only Asian vendor in the TOP 5.

According to official disclosures, Huawei insists on investing more than 10% of its sales revenue in research and development every year. Technological achievements continue to emerge and software capabilities continue to increase. The continuous release of black technologies “GPU Turbo”, “Link Turbo” and “EROFS” are the best proof. On this basis, Huawei also adheres to openness, cooperation, and win-win, and continuously promotes Industrial innovation and an open ecosystem. It can be seen from the open source of the Ark compiler that Huawei is changing from a major player in the open source field to a leader, leading the industry with a more active attitude and bringing a better experience to users.

Continuous open source, Huawei’s power is becoming more and more far-reaching

According to the information released by Huawei at the previous developer conference, as an important tool for Hongmeng OS, the Ark compiler will continue to be open sourced step by step starting from August 2019. The specific open source plans are as follows:

2020: Start to open source the Java compiler toolchain to support Java program compilation.

2021: Start to open source the JavaScript compiler tool chain, which can be used to compile JS programs.

The open source of the Ark compiler fired the first shot of Hongmeng OS open source. Through continuous openness and open source, Huawei will continue to contribute its technical capabilities in software to the industry. At the same time, in the open source community, more developers can participate and contribute their strength to jointly promote the development of basic software.

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