Estimated Lead Time: 4 – 6 weeks.

Part Number/Part#: 3BSE081636R1

Product type: PM862K02 Redundant Processor Unit

Clock Frequency: 67 Mhz

Memory: 32 MB

Package including:

– 2 pcs PM862, CPU

– 2 pcs TP830, Baseplate

– 2 pcs TB807, Module Bus terminator

– 1 pcs TK850, CEX-bus extension cable

– 1 pcs TK851, RCU-Link cable

– 2 pcs Battery for memory backup (4943013-6)

– No license included

Only compatible with 800xA 6.0.2, Compact Control Builder 6.0.0-1 and onwards

Performance: 0.18 ms

Processor type: MPC866

Power supply: 24 V DC (19.2-30 V DC)

Dimensions (H*W*D), approx: 18.6cm x 11.9cm x 13.5cm

Weight: 2.7 kg

Shipping Weight: 4 Kg


Dangerous Goods UN Classification:

Class 9: Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles, Including Environmentally Hazardous Substances

Dangerous Goods UN Number: UN3091-PI970


RoHS Status: Following EU Directive 2011/65/EU

WEEE Category: 5. Small Equipment (No External Dimension More Than 50 cm)

Number of Batteries: 2

Battery Chemical Composition: Lithium

Battery Type: Portable

Battery Weight: 9 g

3BSE081636R1   PM862K02 redundant processor unit for industrial automation applications. It is part ABB AC800M series of controllers,

using in industries, like power generation, chemical, oil and gas.

PM862K02 provides high reliability and availability, as it consists of 2 independent processors running in parallel, continuously monitoring

each other’s operation. If one processor fails, the other takes over automatically to ensure uninterrupted operation.

PM862K02 advanced features like fast processing speed, large memory capacity, high connectivity options. It also supports programming

languages, including structured text, function block diagram, ladder logic, making it versatile and flexible.

3BSE081636R1 ABB PM862K02 Redundant Processor Unit Video

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