Design leads trends, excellence creates classics: the innovative way Schneider Electric’s EvoPacT HVX

Design leads trends, excellence creates classics: the innovative way Schneider Electric’s EvoPacT HVX

Today, with the increasing requirements for equipment in the power industry and the increasingly diverse customer needs, how to design a power equipment that takes into account excellent performance, rich functions and good user experience? A few days ago, Schneider Electric released a new generation of medium-voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker EvoPacT HVX, which has set an outstanding example in this regard. In this epoch-making product, the ultimate hardware performance and leading design concepts are perfectly matched and complement each other, showing the unique differentiated advantages of the product.

EvoPacT HVX’s new generation of medium-voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breakers is impeccable in terms of excellent core performance parameters, reliability in harsh environments, and extensive adaptability to various application scenarios. If the ultimate performance is a solid foundation for power products to complete key tasks, then the leading design concept is an innovative way to improve the product experience and change the operation and maintenance mode.

See micro-knowledge, original visual design

First of all, exquisite design often focuses on subtleties, solves the pain points of customers, and becomes a “plus point” based on the ultimate performance. To take a small example, the contacts of the circuit breaker will inevitably wear out with the increase of the number of times of use. How to let the maintenance personnel judge the wear state of the contacts in time has become a problem. Due to such wear and tear, the safety and reliability of the equipment will be affected if the detection and replacement are not timely. Therefore, although this problem may seem small, its significance is particularly important.

In the past, the only way to solve this problem was to withdraw the circuit breaker during regular maintenance, push out the core components and install sensors to measure the contact wear data. The process is cumbersome and requires special measuring equipment, which is low in efficiency and high in cost. It is usually difficult to inspect frequently, and customers often extend the maintenance cycle, making it difficult to detect potential problems in time.

In this regard, EvoPacT HVX adopts the innovative design of overtravel visualization with patented technology. Specifically, three visualization windows are designed on the EvoPacT HVX circuit breaker body, and the color changes are used to visually Display the respective wear levels of the three-phase contacts, making it easy to grasp the health status of the contacts at any time. . In this way, it not only reduces the professional ability requirements of maintenance personnel, but also improves efficiency, reduces costs, and reduces the possibility of failures.

Modular, digitally native design provides convenience and care

Modularity is undoubtedly an important part of the EvoPacT HVX’s acclaimed ingenious design. On the one hand, the modular design brings a new and efficient operation and maintenance experience. For example, in operation, it only takes 15 seconds to complete the overall replacement of the opening and closing coils without special tools, and only 1 minute to complete the field replacement of the motor module, making it possible to quickly restore the power supply, and the opening and closing coils are exactly the same The design reduces the number of on-site spare parts and further reduces the customer’s operation and maintenance costs. In terms of assembly, the modular design is conducive to pre-assembly and improves production efficiency; in terms of fault tolerance, even if customers make mistakes in ordering, they can make configuration changes more easily.

Relying on the digital native intelligent design concept, different from the conventional practice of adding sensors on the basis of off-the-shelf circuit breakers, EvoPacT HVX has considered the functional requirements and installation requirements of various embedded sensors at the beginning of the design, making the whole product intelligent solution More perfect, product reliability is greatly improved, in addition, flexible and diverse Display solutions and innovative local, nearby, and remote operation modes make operation and maintenance more convenient and safe. In this regard, in addition to the remote operation and maintenance mode that is most frequently talked about by users and can greatly save the time of operation and maintenance personnel, another “nearest operation” that EvoPacT HVX can achieve also reflects the utmost care for operation and maintenance personnel. . This “nearest operation” allows the operator to perform the opening and closing operation or the rocking-in and rocking-out operation through the intelligent mobile terminal at a distance of several meters, so that the personnel can stay away from the threat of arc flash.

Yang Hongwei, vice president of Schneider Electric and head of the global medium-voltage component product line, said: “Schneider Electric has been tirelessly pursuing the innovation and advancement of technology to meet the practical needs of industry users. EvoPacT HVX is the integration of Schneider Electric into the century-old accumulation of electrical technology. , a new generation of medium-voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breakers that is the world’s first and China’s first launch by bringing together global technical elites. Adhering to the design concept of digital native, green and low-carbon, more flexible and more reliable, combined with the intelligent manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing that Schneider Electric is also good at Lean production ensures the ultimate product quality and perfect delivery, thereby helping China’s low-carbon development and the rapid advancement of new power systems.”

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