Socket End Resilient Seated Gate Valve DIN3202 for PVC Pipe PN10/16 Socket end Ductile Iron DN50-80.



Incorporates a full bore design for optimal flow.

Features self-cleaning properties and minimal pressure loss.

Utilizes a rolled stem to ensure smooth thread edges and dual threading.

Requires minimal operating torque.

Displays clear and legible body marking, sourced from the same foundry as AVK Valve and Spain TALIS.

Enables online replacement under full pressure with the valve fully open; equipped with three O-rings to

shield the upper stem from contaminants in the waterway.

Each valve undergoes 100% testing and qualification prior to packaging and delivery.



Conforms to design and manufacturing specifications outlined in EN1171.

Adheres to EN558-1 series 15 standards for face-to-face dimensions.

Equipped with socket ends designed for PVC pipes.

Inspection and testing procedures align with EN12266-1 criteria.


Technical Specification

Operational pressure: PN10/16 Bar.

Dimensions: 2″~4″ (DN50~100mm).

Constructed from: Cast iron, Ductile iron.

Epoxy resin coating thickness: ≥250 microns.

Suitable temperature range: 0℃ to +80℃.

Options include manual handwheel, square cap, gearbox, and electric actuator.



Utilized in water supply systems.

Applicable in industries related to wastewater, sludge, and sewage treatment.

Employed in irrigation systems.

Useful in the real estate sector.

Suitable for use in mining and the steel industry.

Utilized in metallurgy plants and power plants.

Applied in the textile and pharmaceutical industries.

Relevant in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Tags: sewage gate valve, gate valve for sale, water main sluice valve.



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