GL83H-16 extensively used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, steam, metallurgy, heating, fire

protection, water supply, and drainage. It serves as a filter in pipeline systems to remove impurities. GL83H-

16 equipped with different filter screens (20 mesh to 80 mesh) according to users’ requirements for the

filtration media.


The grooved filter boasts a large filtration area and low flow resistance coefficient. The valve body, both

inside and outside, is coated with non-toxic powder epoxy resin paint to prevent water quality deterioration,

water shortage, and corrosion of the valve body. The filter screen is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting

and reduce the risk of decreased filtration area during usage.



Actuation: Handwheel Nominal Diameter: DN65 – DN200
Pressure Rating: 1.0 MPa – 1.6 MPa Design Standard: GB/T 21637-1991
Applicable Media: Water, Weakly Corrosive Media Connection Dimensions: GB/T 5135.11-1992
Applicable Temperature: ≤80℃ Pressure Test: GB/T 13927-1992



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