Estimated Lead Time: 8-10 weeks

Part Number/Part#: SS822Z

Model: SS822Z

Product Net Weight: 0.68 kg

Product Net Width: 50 mm

Product Net Height: 125 mm

Product Net Depth / Length: 110 mm

SS822Z Power Voting Unit

Shipping Weight: 2 Kg

Customs Tariff Number: 85371098

3BSC610055R1 for SS822Z Power Voting Unit. It used in power systems to provide redundancy and reliability by

selecting best available power source among multiple sources.

The unit used in conjunction with ABB‘s Symphony Plus distributed control system, capable of monitoring up to 8

power sources. SS822Z unit receives input signals from these power sources and calculates best available source based

on predefined rules. The unit switches load to selected source.

SS822Z operate in harsh environments with wide operating temperature range. It meets various international

standards, including IEC and UL.

SS822Z ABB 3BSC610055R1 Power Voting Unit Video

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