Current: 5.7 A

Power: 0.85 KW

Torque: 5.39 N.m

R/M: 1500

O/N Code: R14557 667

S/N Code: B0.19B661010019

Part Number/Part#: SGMRV-09ANA-YR11

SGMRV-09ANA-YR11 is a high-performance servo motor designed for industrial automation applications. Here are

some key specifications of this model:

Rated voltage: 200 VAC

Encoder resolution: 20-bit (1,048,576 pulses/rev)

Shaft diameter: 19 mm

Flange size: 60 mm

IP rating: IP67 (dust-tight and protected against water immersion)

SGMRV-09ANA-YR11 servo motor is designed to work with YASKAWA servo drives and controllers, and it uses a

high-resolution encoder to provide precise feedback on its position and speed. It also features a compact design and a

durable construction, suitable for use in applications, such as robotics, packaging, printing.

YASKAWA Servo Motor SGMRV-09ANA-YR11 Video

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