Touchscreen: 5.7” colour LCD

Operating system: Windows CE

Language: Worldwide

Storage Temp.: -20 C~+ 70 C

Lineation Test: =1.000.000 times

Input Type: =100.000 times 

Shipping Weight: 2 Kg

Size: 169(W) *314.5 (H)*50mm (D)

Part Number/Part#: Motoman DX200

Motoman DX200 Teach Pendant JZRCR-YPP21-1 is a handheld device used for programming and controlling

Motoman industrial robots. It features full-color LCD touch screen display, buttons and keys for navigating menus,

selecting options, inputting data.

The teach pendant is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing operators to easily program robot movements

and tasks. It can be used for applications, including welding, painting, material handling.

Some key features of  Motoman DX200 Teach Pendant JZRCR-YPP21-1 include:

Full-color LCD touch screen display.

Easy-to-use menus, interface.

Jog keys for manual robot control.

Emergency stop button for safety.

USB port for transferring programs and data.

Compatibility with a wide range of Motoman industrial robots.

Motoman DX200 Teach Pendant JZRCR-YPP21-1 Video

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