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Part Number/Part#: 3BSC610068R1

Product type: SS832 Power Voting Unit

Product Type: Power Supply

Rated output current: 10 A (20 A in parallell operation)

Rated input power: 240 W (480 W in parallell operation)

Mains/input voltage, nominal : 2×24 V d.c. (1×24 V d.c. in parallell operation)

Mains frequency: 60 V d.c.

Load sharing:  2 in parallell

Heat dissipation: 9 W (18 W)

Pollution degree: Degree 2, IEC 60664-1

Size(L*W*H): 117*32*125mm.

Product Net Weight: 0.35 kg

Shipping Weight: 1.5 Kg

Customs Tariff Number: 8537109899

SS832 monitor and control power supply in critical applications, like power plants or other industrial settings. It part

of Symphony Plus automation platform to ensure reliable uninterrupted power supply.

SS832 Power Voting Unit work in conjunction with other power management devices, like generators, transformers,

switchgear. It monitors power supply from devices and uses voting algorithm to determine best source of power.

Device programmed to automatically switch to alternate power source in event of failure or outage.

Some key features of SS832 Power Voting Unit:

High reliability and availability, with redundant hardware and software components.

Flexibility in configuration and programming, allowing for customization to specific application needs.

Advanced diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, including self-testing and fault detection.

Compatibility with communication protocols, enabling integration with other systems and devices.

Easy installation and maintenance, with user-friendly interfaces and tools.

3BSC610068R1 ABB SS832 Power Voting Unit Video

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