Part Number/Part#: 3BSE042236R1

NEMA: 4x indoor use only

Active Area of Display: 304.1*228.1 mm

Overlay Material: Autotex F157/F207 *

Touch Material: Polyester on glass

Display Resolution: 1024 × 768 pixels

Diagonal (inches): 15” widescreen

Display Type: TFT-LCD

Part Type: New

Model: PP865 3BSE042236R1

The description of PP865 operator terminal:

Reverse side material: Powder-coated aluminum.

Serial port RS232C: 9-pin D-sub contact, male with standard locking screws 4-40 UNC.

Real time clock battery: CR2450 (UL and cUL: Sanyo or Panasonic) Minimum lifetime: 3 years.

Keyboard material/Front panel: Touch screen: Polyester on glass, 1 million finger touch operations.

Overlay: Autotex F157/F207 *.

Serial port RS422/RS485: 25-pin D-sub contact, chassis-mounted female with standard locking screws 4-40 UNC.

Real time clock: ±20 PPM + error because of ambient temperature and supply voltage.

Total maximum error: 1 min/month at 25 °C Temperature coefficient: -0.034±0.006 ppm/°C2.

Display: TFT-LCD. 1024 x 768 pixels, 64K color. CCFL backlight lifetime at the ambient temperature of +25 °C:

>35,000 h.

UL, cUL approvals (when procuct or packing is marked): UL 1604 Class I, Div 2 / UL 508 / UL 50 4x indoor use only.

ABB PP865 3BSE042236R1 Touch Glass Front Overlay Repair Video

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