Weight: 6.75 kg

Width: 304.8 cm

Height: 304.8 cm

Depth: 406.4 cm

Condition: Used

Part Number/Part#: CACR-SR15SZ1SDY77

CACR-SR15SZ1SDY77 is a servo drive to control the speed and position of a servo motor. It is high-performance drive,

to provide accurate and precise control over motion of motor.

Some key features of this servo drive include:

Compact size: CACR-SR15SZ1SDY77 is compact and lightweight, easy to install and use in applications.

High performance: This servo drive provides high torque and speed control, suitable for applications, including

industrial automation, robotics, machine tools.

Advanced control algorithms: CACR-SR15SZ1SDY77 uses advanced control algorithms to provide precise and

accurate control over the motion of the servo motor.

Easy to use: The drive install and configure easily, with user-friendly interface, simple to set up and use.

Flexible communication options: Yaskawa CACR-SR15SZ1SDY77 supports a range of communication protocols,

including RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, easy to integrate with a wide range of systems and devices.

Yaskawa CACR-SR15SZ1SDY77 Servopack Drive Video

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