Baidu low-key release new product – home virtual robot BD41

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Recently, Baidu quietly released a home virtual machine with artificial intelligence technology as the corerobotBD41. Since it is still in the internal testing period, the number of products is very limited. In order to prevent looting, the product release is carried out in a low-key manner.

As an almighty “home virtual robot housekeeper”, BD41 can connect with the whole house smart home appliances for intelligent management and control, and can judge the real needs and respond according to the voice communication, and help the owner to realize SOHO work.

The author is fortunate to get the beta version in advance, and I am very excited to have the opportunity to be the first batch of experiencers. Is the integrated smart home management artificial intelligence with such powerful functions really so useful? Next, I will reveal the true face of BD41 for everyone!

In terms of appearance, it has a simple packaging, similar in size to a mobile phone, and the surface is made of PMMA material. It is very light to hold in the hand. For solar charging, the accessory provides a base.

The manual introduces: Baidu’s home virtual robot BD41, based on Baidu’s brain technology, further upgrades the conversational artificial intelligence operating system DuerOS, which significantly improves services including voice dialogue, IoT control, intelligent communication, information query, and link services. and schedule management and other nearly 100 abilities, coupled with deep learning technology, to achieve the goal of BD41 having the ability to personalize and express freely. And through long-term study and understanding, exercise or improve the professional ability of BD41 in a certain aspect.

Simply put, it is to let BD41 have the same independent thinking and learning ability as intelligent Robots in science fiction movies.

Referring to the instructions on the manual, after I triggered the bottom switch of the hardware, a virtual robot BD41 in a holographic projection state was projected in front of the panel.

After my test, the functions carried by the BD41 are basically the same as those in the promotional video. It can control smart devices such as air conditioners, stereos and coffee machines in the home according to the voice recognition technology! After the overall experience, the author came to an important conclusion that this home The virtual robot BD41 is simply the gospel of late-stage lazy cancer patients, pet slaves and text workers!

Lazy Cancer Patient: Nanny Who Makes Future Girlfriend Jealous

As a lazy cancer patient, the 24-hour uninterrupted nanny service provided by BD41 won my heart. According to the description, its technology is based on speech recognition and big data analysis, BD41 can achieve natural language understanding and multi-round dialogue functions, understand semantics with high precision, and respond. Not only that, BD41 can carry the internet of Things, realize all-round connection to intelligent hardware, and issue commands. That is to say, the words I say to it and the orders I give are likely to be understood by it, and it has the ability to execute it accurately.

For example, after the BD41 is connected to the air conditioner in my home, it will first learn according to my usage habits, set up an intelligent temperature control system, and locate the user’s location through GPS, so as to realize the subsequent fully automatic temperature control operation.

Writers: Get your hands off the keyboard

As a person who sells characters for a living, writing manuscripts and PPTs is definitely an eternal pain point for staying up late and working overtime. Before the advent of BD41, I never thought that one day a machine could help me with crazy coding, intelligent translation, and even writing PPT! Now all this is done just by me talking. With powerful deep learning technology, BD41 has a relatively complete development prototype in speech conversion technology and image conversion technology. Through the user’s acquired guidance and functional training, it can directly understand the user’s needs and complete the writing.

I just need to verbally express my thoughts and monitor whether the computer controlled by the BD41 is doing what I want. It can automatically enrich documents and PPT solutions according to my needs to achieve a more optimized final effect. This function is simply the gospel of office workers, as if it indicates that the shoulder and neck disease will be gone from me.

Cat slave dog Nuwa slave: leave space to let yourself go

As a person who loves cats and dogs, and loves babies, he also has to take on a lot of housework while enjoying their company. Who can help lead these “little ancestors” in an emergency when a friend invites me, I’m just thankful. With powerful deep learning technology, BD41 can automatically feed and shovel shit (combined with smart home appliances), accompany you to play, and give smart reminders by understanding the dynamics of pets and children. Free your hands and brain.

Special tasks under China’s national conditions

As a writer who has a wide social circle and is severely forgetful, it is common to forget the names of many editors who come to the door. As the saying goes, once you are born again, you are familiar with each other, but if it is like the first meeting every time, wouldn’t it be embarrassing? BD41 helped me a lot at this time, allowing me to easily call out the name of every “uninvited guest”!

I believe that everyone has encountered Chinese-style relatives when they return to their hometown for the New Year? Seven aunts and eight aunts, distant relatives who can’t be hit by eight poles, complicated relationship chains, unfamiliar faces, unclear titles… In BD41’s view, This can’t be simpler, face recognition technology based on hundreds of billions of samples can help you call people easily.

After a series of evaluations, the amazing skills of the certified BD41 were verified.

According to the official, 200 units of this product are pre-sold, and users can make reservations through the official WeChat account of Baidu Brain. After subscribing to the official WeChat account of Baidu Brain, enter #BD41# to grab a reserved seat.

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