4.5 kg

Size (Length*Width*Height)

304.8*254*177.8 mm


Yaskawa robotic components


1 Piece

WEEE Category

Product Not in WEEE Scope

Part Number/Part#: SGAGS-761KA2A-YR61

SGAGS-761KA2A-YR61 Servo Motor is a high-performance motor designed for industrial applications that require

precise motion control. It is a part of the Sigma-7 line of servo motors from Yaskawa.

This servo motor has 7.5 kW rated power and 6000 rpm maximum speed. It use with Yaskawa servo drives and has 96

Nm maximum torque. The motor features a compact design and low rotor inertia, ideal for high-speed and high-

precision applications.

SGAGS-761KA2A-YR61 motor also features a built-in encoder for precise position feedback, and it has a variety of

safety features such as overheat protection and overcurrent protection. It is designed for easy installation and

maintenance, with a removable fan cover and replaceable bearings.


Yaskawa SGAGS-761KA2A-YR61 Servo Motor Video

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