Why can “robots” with their own traffic become the new favorite of shopping malls?

01 Year of the Tiger – new king ascends the throne

At the beginning of the new year, as we bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, “COFE+robotFreshly ground coffee” Year of the Tiger · The new king ascended the throne and settled in the shopping mall Hongqiao Nanfeng City (the atrium on the first floor), becoming a new hot spot for young consumers! As a new species of shopping malls, Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street, Longzhimeng Shopping Center, Bailian Outlets, Nanfang Mall Shopping Center, World Expo Park Shopping Center…show the future technology charm of COFE+ to customers – the robot coffee master is now Grind coffee.

As a new business format and new species, COFE+ robot freshly ground coffee has appeared in the streets and alleys of Shanghai since 2019. From office buildings to subway stations, from shopping malls to pedestrian streets, from the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference to the China International Import Expo, COFE+ can be said to have earned enough attention and attention. This time at the beginning of the new year, the Nanfeng City Shopping Center, which is known as the No. 1 family entertainment center in Shanghai, will continue to provide high-tech coffee with high-quality and affordable prices to more coffee lovers.

02 Comparable to physical coffee shops

If low rent and no labor costs are the general advantages of vending machines, then COFE+smart robotThe coffee kiosk can not only be unattended 24 hours a day, never fatigued and continue to produce, but also has the huge advantages of low cost, low energy consumption, and high-quality service, and it is completely different from the common robot freshly ground coffee machines in life.

The entire Robotic coffee kiosk is dust-free, freshly ground coffee, freshly made ice, using fresh milk, intelligently sterilized and cleaned at high temperature, and the entire process from reclaiming to the final production of the reclaiming lid cup is fully intelligent operation, which is currently on the market. No robot coffee machine can do that.

03 More than 50 personalized DIY flavors

There is an ordering screen on each side of COFE+ freshly ground coffee. After clicking to enter, there are nearly 50 kinds of flavors to choose from. The robot coffee that appeared in the mall this time includes Hazelnut Matcha Latte, New Australian White, Nancheng Wild Orange Mocha, Caramel Sea Salt Mocha, Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate, Hazelnut Milk and more than 15 new flavors will give you a new experience!

Each flavor also provides internationally renowned Ethiopian premium beans, and two types of coffee beans from the world’s largest coffee bean producing area in Central and South America. There are two types of cups for hot drinks and ice drinks. Sugar-free, low-sugar, and powdered Personalized choices such as particles can be said to provide a complete private customization service for coffee lovers.

In addition, the coffee robot also has a “smart store” system, which can not only order intelligently, make intelligently, produce intelligently, maintain intelligently, and improve intelligently, but also collect statistics on store sales, customer preferences, equipment detection, etc. through background monitoring. Using big data to achieve precision marketing, compared with traditional storefronts, can greatly improve operational efficiency and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

04 Open a new mode of shopping mall

The atmosphere of the Spring Festival is getting stronger and stronger, but the epidemic prevention and control still cannot be relaxed. The fully enclosed and sterile environment of the COFE+ robot coffee kiosk, the fully transparent production process, and the zero-contact consumption mode in the whole process not only let consumers put down their concerns, but also let consumers relax. People have seen the “unmanned economy” in more scenariosapplicationvalue.

Under the trend of intelligence, more and more shopping centers have opened the new model of “shopping center + robot”, constantly promoting the improvement of customer experience and satisfaction, changing “passive” hard sales to “active” soft marketing, creating a new model for retail sales. greater business value.

The arrival of COFE+ robot freshly ground coffee in Hongqiao Nanfeng City this time has become a new hot spot for young consumers to pay attention to and become a new landmark for punch-in! In the future, COFE+ will also open up a new model with more and more shopping malls with excellent and affordable coffee and novel services, allowing convenient robot coffee masters to penetrate into every corner of life.

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