CMVU Chengdu Machine Vision Symposium, Basler presents innovative products

On March 17, the Machine Vision Industry Union (CMVU) held a machine vision seminar in Chengdu with the theme of “aggregating ecology and leading the high-quality development of the industry”. Machine vision technology empowers Chengdu’s automobile manufacturing, major equipment and other modern high-end Industrial agglomeration areas, actively integrates into the “Belt and Road” construction, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and jointly builds a new highland for inland reform and opening up that links the world.

Basler China attended the meeting and brought wonderful speeches, sharing the latest developments and cutting-edge technologies of smart manufacturing with the guests, as well as Basler China’s latest products and applications.

CMVU Chengdu Machine Vision Symposium, Basler presents innovative products

01 Solution Display to empower smart manufacturing in Chengdu

For key industries such as 3C, automobile manufacturing, and railways in the Chengdu area, Basler demonstrated two sets of high-speed and high-resolution demonstration systems, equipped with two new products, ace 2 5GigE and boost 127MP, respectively.

Basler brings a comparison system between GigE and 5GigE products. The ace 2 5GigE camera can increase data transmission to 5 times the speed of Gigabit Ethernet with the same size of 29 mm x 29 mm. In addition, we also Adaptable lenses, cables and PC cards can be provided, as well as the newly expanded pylon camera software suite, which can easily upgrade the original USB 3.0 setup, or 1:1 replace the existing GigE system.

CMVU Chengdu Machine Vision Symposium, Basler presents innovative products

In the FPD detection demonstration scheme, the boA13440-17cm camera with a resolution of 127 million pixels is used, and the Sony IMX 661 chip is used, and the frame rate is 17fps. It is equipped with the ML-F90C-175 telecentric lens, which is suitable for high-precision screens Defect detection application.

CMVU Chengdu Machine Vision Symposium, Basler presents innovative products

02 Basler’s innovative products are directly addressed in expert speeches

Che Guanglu, Product Marketing Manager of Basler China, delivered a speech titled “Basler Product Innovation Practice under Intelligent Manufacturing”. He mentioned: “Computer vision technology will play a greater role in intelligent manufacturing, and it also requires innovative development, such as higher resolution and frame rate, intelligent embedded, new communication standard architecture (OPC UA), AI algorithms, ecological multi-component applications, etc. Basler has implemented a number of measures to participate in and promote the development of vision technology by virtue of its years of technical accumulation and project experience in the computer vision industry.”

CMVU Chengdu Machine Vision Symposium, Basler presents innovative products

In terms of products, Basler boost series cameras adopt advanced chip technology and CXP-12 data interface technology, with a resolution of up to 127 MP and a frame rate of up to 400fps, which can meet the sensitivity and accuracy requirements of semiconductor, lithium battery, FPD, PCBA and other industries. In order to meet the needs of performance, stability and high throughput; the ace 2 product line has added a 5GigE interface, and a short-wave infrared camera will also be launched this year to meet high-end applications that require invisible light segments.

Based on the Chinese market, Basler China is customer-oriented. By providing a full range of products and visual solution consulting services that meet local needs, Basler China provides customers with complete visual solutions, speeds up visual research and development, and hopes to create more value together with customers. Achieve win-win!

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