What is Laser Processing Robot

Laser processing robots apply robot technology to laser processing, and realize more flexible laser processing operations through high-precision industrial robots. The system can be operated online through the teaching box, and can also be programmed offline. The system generates a model of the workpiece through automatic detection of the workpiece, and then generates a processing curve, and can also use CAD data for direct processing. It can be used for laser surface treatment, drilling, welding and mold repair of workpieces.

laser robot

Key technologies include:

Structural optimization design technology of laser processing robots: adopting a large-scale frame-type body structure to ensure robot accuracy while increasing the working range.

Error compensation technology of the robot system: Aiming at the requirements of large working space and high precision of the integrated processing robot, combined with its structural characteristics, a hybrid robot compensation method combining non-model method and model-based method was adopted to complete the geometric parameter error compensation and compensation for non-geometric parameter errors.

High-precision robot detection technology: the combination of three-coordinate measurement technology and robot technology realizes high-precision online measurement of robots.

Laser processing robot language implementation technology: According to the characteristics of laser processing and robot operations, complete the laser processing robot language.

Network communication and offline programming technology: with serial port, CAN and other network communication functions to realize the monitoring and management of the robot production line; and realize the offline programming control of the upper computer to the robot.


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