What is Vacuum Robot?

A vacuum robot is a robot that works in a vacuum environment and is mainly used in the semiconductor industry to transfer wafers in a vacuum chamber. Vacuum manipulators are difficult to import, restricted, large in use, and highly versatile. It has become a key component that restricts the research and development progress of semiconductor equipment complete machines and the competitiveness of complete machine products. Moreover, foreign countries have strictly scrutinized Chinese buyers and belonged to the embargoed product catalogue. Vacuum manipulators have become a “stuck neck” problem that seriously restricts the manufacturing of semiconductor equipment in my country. Direct-drive vacuum robot technology is an original innovation.

vaccumn robot

Key technologies include:

New configuration design technology of vacuum robot: through structural analysis and optimization design, avoiding the gap, and designing a new configuration to meet the requirements of vacuum robot for stiffness and expansion ratio;

Large-gap vacuum direct-drive motor technology: involving large-gap vacuum direct-drive motors and high-clean direct drive motors, carry out motor theoretical analysis, structural design, manufacturing process, motor material surface treatment, low-speed high-torque control, and small multi-axis drives etc.

Design of multi-axis precision shafting in vacuum environment. The shaft-in-shaft design method is adopted to reduce the problems of non-concentricity between shafts and asymmetric inertia.

Dynamic trajectory correction technology: through the fusion of sensor information and robot motion information, the offset between the reference position between the wafer and the finger is detected, and the movement trajectory is dynamically corrected to ensure that the robot accurately transfers the wafer from the vacuum chamber Transfer from one station in the room to another.

Vacuum robot language that complies with SEMI standards: According to the vacuum robot handling requirements, robot operation characteristics and SEMI standards, complete the vacuum robot language.

Reliability system engineering technology: In IC manufacturing, equipment failure will bring huge losses. According to the high requirements of semiconductor equipment for MCBF, the reliability of each component is tested, evaluated and controlled to improve the reliability of each component of the manipulator, so as to ensure that the manipulator meets the high requirements of IC manufacturing.


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