Part Number/Part#: 3BSC950193R1

Estimated Lead Time: Usually ships in 5 – 10 working days.

Product type: TB850 CEX-Bus Terminator

With 25-pin DB25P male connector

With screw fixing

Product Net Depth / Length: 55 mm

Product Net Height: 16 mm

Product Net Width: 50 mm

Product Net Weight: 0.04 kg

Shipping weight: 3Kg

Medium Description:

With 25-pin DB25P male connector. With screw fixing.

A TB850 CEX-Bus terminator must always be installed on the last unit on the CEX bus.

CEX-Bus communication protocol used by Symphony Plus distributed control system (DCS) for industrial automation

and process control applications. CEX-Bus terminator terminates communication loop to ensure proper signal

transmission and prevent signal reflections.

3BSC950193R1 TB850 CEX-Bus terminator use with Symphony Plus DCS. It installs at end of CEX-Bus

communication loop to provide proper termination of bus. It has compact and robust design.

3BSC950193R1 TB850 ABB CEX-Bus Terminator Video

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