Supcon Professional Services Plans for a rainy day and prevents problems before they happen

The lack of maintenance or improper maintenance of Industrial control systems is an important reason for failures and accidents. With the extension of the control system running time, various factors such as dust, corrosion, looseness, falling off, impact, aging, heat generation, damage, etc. may cause power failure, computer poisoning, system card failure, main control card failure, system components, etc. Various failure risks such as failures seriously affect safe production.

In order to reduce the occasional failures during the full life cycle of the control system and prolong the effective life of the equipment, the effectiveness management of the daily maintenance of the control system should be strengthened, and daily work inspection, monitoring, data analysis, and loss trend prediction should be carried out. Through preventive maintenance , to ensure the stable operation of the control system.

Supcon Professional Services Plans for a rainy day and prevents problems before they happen

Professional annual insurance service

Guarantee the healthy operation of the system

The annual maintenance service of the control system focuses on the maintenance and repair of DCS/SIS/PLC and other control systems during operation, which can effectively guarantee the safe and stable operation of the system, and realize the “safe, stable, long-term, full and optimal” operation of the device.

1. Control system health check

Provide periodic on-site inspection and routine maintenance work, including system environment inspection, system operation status inspection, historical alarm status inspection, potential safety hazard inspection, routine configuration modification and software backup, daily troubleshooting, and establishment of inspection health files, etc.

2. On-site emergency troubleshooting

For problems that users cannot solve independently, within a short period of time, or through remote technical support, the company provides on-site emergency troubleshooting services, and engineers assist users on-site to solve problems.

3. Customized service

According to the specific needs of users and the operation of the on-site system, customized service solutions can be provided.

Advantages of one-stop annual insurance service

1. Specialization of operating tools

With the help of the central control intelligent platform and professional tools, the annual insurance service digitizes and streamlines software and hardware assets, realizes dynamic ledger management, establishes a complete view of the control system, and quickly detects problems such as operational security vulnerabilities, configuration defects, and illegal configuration changes , quickly identify and prevent security risks.

2. Standardization of inspection and maintenance system

Inspection and maintenance implementation control program → program under control

Inspection and maintenance technical specifications → technology under control

Annual Warranty Service Operation Instructions→Quality Controlled

3. Fast response and rich experience

The 150 offline 5S stores covering key industrial parks across the country can quickly respond to user service needs and provide one-stop professional services. At the same time, the company has the inspection and maintenance capability assessment qualification recognized by the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, has provided professional services to more than a thousand process industry enterprises, and has rich project experience.

Supcon Professional Services Plans for a rainy day and prevents problems before they happen

Annual insurance service project application

The company provides annual warranty services for users of a petrochemical company, and regularly conducts regular inspections, demand response and maintenance for more than 10 sets of DCS control systems with a scale of 8,000 points in the chemical industry, polyester, storage and transportation, olefins, aromatics, and fine chemical departments of users Improve service. Through preventive inspection and maintenance, an average of more than 10 hidden dangers and problems are discovered and dealt with each year, and more than 20 user needs are responded to. The system accident is 0, which fully guarantees the stable operation of the user system throughout the year.

Professional services create value

The professional services of SUPCON Technology focus on the service needs of customers in the process industry, and provide customers with professional service solutions and product services such as maintenance (industrial software operation and maintenance, electromechanical instrument maintenance), professional testing, evaluation and analysis, training certification, etc. around the company’s core capabilities , build a professional service system covering the whole life cycle, and escort the safe production and operation of enterprises.

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