Part Number/Part#: SGDV-2R8A11B

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Product Type: Servo drive Mechatrolink- II

Interface: 11 = MECHATROLINK-II communications

reference, rotational servomotor

Design sequence: B type

SGDV-2R8A11B is a servo drive manufactured by Yaskawa. The SGDV-2R8A11B servo drive used with Yaskawa’s

Mechatrolink communication protocol.

Some key features of SGDV-2R8A11B servo drive include:

Input voltage: 200-230VAC, single-phase.

Output power: 200W.

Maximum output current: 1.5A.

Control mode: Velocity control, position control, torque control.

Feedback: Resolver, incremental encoder, absolute encoder.

Communication interface: Mechatrolink-II.

The Mechatrolink communication protocol is a high-speed serial communication interface designed specifically for

motion control applications.

Mechatrolink allows for real-time communication between servo drives and controllers, enabling precise control of

motion and improved system performance.

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