Weight: 0.9 kg

Width: 304.8 cm

Height: 203.2 cm

Depth: 457.2 cm

Condition: Used

Part Number/Part#: JANCD-NBB31B

JANCD-NBB31B Rev. D / F352077-1 backplane is a part of the Yaskawa Sigma II servo amplifier system. The

backplane provides connections between various modules in the system, such as the power supply, control boards, and

communication modules.

The JANCD-NBB31B backplane used with Yaskawa Sigma II servo amplifiers and is compatible with various control

boards such as JANCD-MIO01 and JANCD-MIO02. It has a compact size and a high-density layout, allowing it to fit

into tight spaces and accommodate multiple modules.

F352077-1 is the part number for the JANCD-NBB31B backplane. The “Rev. D” indicates the revision level of the

backplane, with each revision introducing improvements or changes to the design.

Yaskawa JANCD-NBB31B Rev. D / F352077-1 Backplane Video

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