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Part Number/Part#: 3BSC950107R1

Product type: TK811V015 POF Cable

Duplex L=1.5m latching duplex connector

Cable Length: 1.5m

Duplex plastic fibre

Weight: 0.02 Kg

Shipping weight: 1 Kg

Customs Tariff Number: 85447000

3BSC950107R1 Plastic Optical Fiber cable.

POF cables made from plastic fibers instead of glass fibers. It less expensive easier to work with than glass fibers,

making them ideal for applications where cost ease of installation.

TK811V015 POF cable use in industrial automation applications, like communication networks, control systems, sensor

networks. It 1.5-meter long cable with 2.2 mm diameter, compatible with ABB products.

Overall, POF cable reliable cost-effective solution for industrial communication and control applications.

3BSC950107R1 ABB TK811V015 POF Cable Video

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