Regenerating wind power and photovoltaics, the National Energy Administration issued an action plan

The National Energy Administration, established in 2008, is a national bureau managed by the National Development and Reform Commission. Responsible for drafting laws and regulations on energy development and related supervision and management, formulating and organizing the implementation of energy development strategic plans and policies, and promoting energy system reform.

At the same time, it also organizes the formulation of Industrial policies and related standards for coal, oil, natural gas, electricity, new energy and renewable energy, as well as oil refining, coal-to-fuel and fuel ethanol. Responsible for R&D and scientific research projects of major energy and equipment such as nuclear power management.

In the action plan issued this time, it is stated that in about three years, a relatively complete energy standard system that can strongly support and lead the green and low-carbon transformation of energy has been initially established in China. The standard organization system was further improved to effectively promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

The action plan believes that the most important thing is to improve the renewable energy standard system based on photovoltaic and wind power, and to study and establish a standard system to support the construction of new power systems.

The second is to formulate a series of emerging technologies and technical standards related to carbon emission reduction in the industrial chain. It is necessary to continuously improve the entire system and related links; it is also necessary to revise a series of energy efficiency related standards for conventional energy production, transformation, transmission and utilization, and improve the standard requirements and levels. Promote and standardize comprehensive utilization of resources and improve energy efficiency.

It is reported that the action plan states that in the next 8 to 10 years, it is necessary to establish a structurally optimized, advanced and reasonable energy standard system. The technologies and standards of the entire energy industry are basically perfected and complement each other. The overall energy system can fully support and guarantee the dual carbon policy.

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