Part Number/Part#: 00-130-547

For KRC2ed05 KCP2 standard 10m cable

8″ color display (VGA resolution, 640 x 480)

Place of origin: Germany

6D mouse – convenient teaching using just one operator control element

00-130-547 Teach Pendant is a handheld device used to control Kuka industrial robots. It features a 10m cable that

connects the pendant to the robot controller.

The KCP2 teach pendant is designed to provide an intuitive user interface for programming and controlling robots. It

features a color touch screen display, physical buttons, and a joystick for intuitive operation. The pendant also includes

a emergency stop button and a key switch to prevent unauthorized access.

The 10m cable provides a flexible range of motion for the operator to control the robot from a safe distance. This is

especially useful in industrial applications where robot is performing tasks, dangerous to human operators.

Kuka KCP2 00-130-547 Teach Pendant 10m Cable Video