Part Number: 1SCA022657R8950

MCU hardware -4 type designation

Type designation : MCU2A02C0-4

Functionality: MCU2

In: 2,0-63 A

Uaux1: 24 VDC

Weight: 1.4 Kg

Dimensions, mm(W*H*D) MCU2 (incl. Voltage Unit): 110*145*103

Power consumption of UAUX1 Maximum (MCU2): 8.2 W

Power consumption of UAUX2: Rated power 10 VA

Number of digital input MCU2: 17

Number of general input MCU2: 2

LED output Number of LED output MCU2: 9

Output voltage: 14.0-25 VDC

Output current (short circuit protected): 20-32 mA

Protection Class IP: 20

Shipping Weight: 6 Kg

“MCU2A02C0-4” refers specific model of microcontroller unit (MCU) produced by ABB.

“MCU2A02C0” part designation indicates the basic model of MCU. “2A02” likely refers to specific series or family of MCUs, while “C0” indicate

revision or version of MCU.

“-4” at end of type designation indicates specific configuration or variant of MCU.

1SCA022657R8950 ABB MCU2A02C0-4 Video

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