DJI and Qianxun have reached a strategic cooperation

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: (April 23, 2017, Beijing) DJI, the global leader in civil drone and aerial photography technology, announced a strategic cooperation with Qianxun Position on the same day. The two parties will cooperate in product, market, industry and other fields to promote the implementation of Beidou high-precision public services in the drone industry.

At the press conference, DJI and Qianxun said that the two sides are optimistic about the broad prospects of UAVs in various fields, especially in the agricultural field, and believe that Beidou high-precision public services are the foundation of UAV applications, especially UAV plant protection applications. one of the technologies. In terms of products, the two parties will launch a cooperation plan based on their respective advantages, so that users of DJI agricultural plant protection machines can obtain location services through mobile communication networks; in terms of market, both parties will provide users with convenient, high-quality and affordable location services; in terms of industry, both parties will Based on business practices, establish industry norms and promote industrial development.

At the strategic cooperation launch site, Cao Nan, vice president of DJI Innovation, said: “The two technology companies have joined hands and contributed their respective leading technologies in the cooperation, so that users can enjoy stable, reliable and high-precision drone plant protection services. , is a new example of the transformation of traditional industries by technology.”

Qianxun CEO Chen Jinpei said: “Qianxun is very pleased to work with DJI to build an industrial chain for drone applications, especially plant protection applications. Qianxun will continue to promote the construction of Beidou ground-based enhanced network, and fully consider DJI’s business needs in site network planning. Provide users with high-precision public location services anytime, anywhere, and on demand.”

At the event site, DJI released the RTK version of the MG-1S agricultural plant protection machine. This UAV has a built-in airborne D-RTK high-precision navigation and positioning system, which can be used with hand-held mapping instruments and base stations. At the same time, the product has introduced Qianxun Zhicun technology, users who use Qianxun services do not need to build their own base stations, but can obtain high-precision location information through the mobile communication network to achieve centimeter-level positioning and spraying.

RTK is the English abbreviation of Real-Time Kinematic, which is a geographic location measurement method. With this technology, the MG-1S RTK version improves the positioning accuracy to the centimeter level, and the route trajectory is accurate and repeatable; the dual-antenna direction finding technology has strong anti-magnetic interference ability, ensuring stable flight in complex environments such as near high-voltage lines; Qianxun’s 7×24-hour uninterrupted service, MG-1S RTK version can realize accurate measurement of farmland at any time, and can transmit the measurement data to the remote control app to realize intelligent planning operation, avoid possible heavy spraying, missed spraying, improve work effect.

When using the Qianxun service, the user only needs to turn on the remote control and connect to the mobile communication network to obtain the geographical location information sent by the Qianxun Beidou ground-based enhancement station, without the need to set up and calibrate the base station; in the case of no mobile communication network coverage , users can also obtain geographic location information by building base stations.

Cao Nan said that DJI and Qianxun will also jointly study the standard operating mode suitable for drone plant protection work, make full use of the national unified benchmark and Beidou high-precision positioning system provided by Qianxun, and combine the DJI platform to actively explore farmland. A complete work chain of block mapping, block information upload, block information download, and UAV intelligent operation.

Existing users of the MG-1S can choose to install DJI Airborne D-RTK, so that the device at hand can also enjoy the centimeter-level signal accuracy of the RTK system.

MG-1S agricultural plant protection machine network RTK upgrade package includes MG-1S agricultural plant protection machine airborne D-RTK, handheld mapping instrument, Qianxun location service (buy half a year get half a year), the price is 23,000 yuan; the first 300 buyers will enjoy Direct discount of 1000 yuan. Users can also purchase airborne D-RTK, handheld mapping instrument, and base station separately. For relevant prices, you can consult agents or DJI Agricultural Sales iuav@dji. com.

The above products are available for pre-order now and are expected to start shipping in the second quarter of 2017.

MG-1S agricultural plant protection machine was released in November 2016. It is equipped with DJI A3 flight control system, high-precision millimeter wave radar, two-stage spraying system, and supports DJI agricultural management platform. It is the best DJI so far. One of the industry application drones.

At present, the MG-1S agricultural plant protection machine network RTK service supported by Qianxun has covered Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, 18 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Chongqing and Sichuan will gradually expand to the whole country in the future.

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