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Part Number/Part#: 3BSC630197R1

Product type: TK212A Tool Cable

Length 3 m For connection of FS801 and CI840 to PC

Temperature, Operating: 0 to +55 °C


– One 9-pole female D-type

– One 8-pole RJ45 plug

Product Net Depth / Length: 15 mm

Product Net Height: 3000 mm

Product Net Width: 30 mm

Product Net Weight: 0.2 kg

Cable Length: 3 m

Shipping weight: 1 Kg

Customs Tariff Number: 8544421000

3BSC630197R1 TK212A Tool Cable for connecting programming device to programmable logic controller (PLC) or

other industrial automation equipment.

TK212A transfers data and provides power to connected device.

TK212A used in industrial settings for tasks like configuring and programming PLCs, monitoring equipment

performance, troubleshooting system issues.

It compatible with ABB programmable logic controllers and other automation devices.

3BSC630197R1 ABB TK212A Tool Cable Video

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